About Us

With the Gooch Grounds Group, we believe that given the complexities of today’s real estate transactions, clients not only desire, they expect the highest levels of service and relentless communication throughout the entire process of their transactions.

That, coupled with the uppermost levels of professionalism, and a personal, caring touch, result in a pleasant and enjoyable transaction experience. We achieve this result because we take the process of the sale or purchase of your home very seriously. It is your most valued asset and with the Gooch Grounds Group, you are rewarded with the attention from three full time, real estate professionals for the price of one!

Real estate markets do change rapidly and abruptly. That’s why it’s imperative to stay current and up-to-date with the latest trends and issues affecting the industry. We achieve this, in part, through continuing education to better serve our clients. More importantly, we feel that the valuable knowledge and skills that we acquire from additional voluntary classes and seminars sets us apart from most other agents.